Surgery (gr: cheirourgia da χείρ, χειρός, hand and 人ργον, work) etymologically means a manual work activity. In fact, it is the science that deals with studying those diseases that by being able to cure with the hands, are, as said, surgical. Considered a branch of the medical sciences, it actually has equal dignity, as evidenced by the history of its evolution, the contrasting opinions and diversified paths with respect to medicine over many centuries and the definitive reunification in a common university course that confers a degree in Medicine and Surgery. It deals with various aspects (aetiology, diagnosis, therapy) of all the diseases pertaining to it and is therefore called General Surgery.

Cosmetic Medicine is a medical branch, of an internalist nature, that deals with improving the quality of life of those who feel ill at ease due to an unaccepted imperfection. It basically involves a programme for the prevention of general ageing and skin ageing in particular, and then deals with the correction of facial and body imperfections. The imperfections that cosmetic medicine deals with may be congenital or may be acquired over the years, for example due to ageing or lifestyle.

The possible applications are:

  • Soft Restoration of the Face with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Suture threads

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