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The Stante Chemical Laboratories

Chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological analyses

The Stante Chemical Laboratories are our chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological analysis laboratories working in the environmental sector for companies and individuals throughout the country. For over twenty years, we have handled analyses for various industries, offering the professionalism and experience of our team and the cutting-edge equipment of our centralised laboratory based in Bologna. Other areas of analysis which we operate in include industrial hygiene, cosmetics and the food sector.

Laboratory Analysis throughout the country

We work in numerous sectors of environmental investigation, responding to environmental regulations, laws and authorizations; for over 25 years we have been the national benchmark in the sampling and characterization of industrial and urban waste, in addition to the classification of wastewater, soils and groundwater and emissions into the atmosphere. We offer our customers in the cosmetics sector accurate and reliable laboratory analyses. We work in the industrial hygiene sector assessing chemical, carcinogenic, biological and legionella risks for our customers.

Password: Customer Service and Quality

Customer service is our strength and distinguishing feature; we assist Customers at every stage of the process, because we offer more than just a simple chemical laboratory analysis: we offer a team of professionals able to find a solution to your problem and to support you throughout the analytical process up to the interpretation of the test results.

Advice on health and safety at work

We are active in the industrial hygiene sector, analysing working environments to verify the health and safety conditions of workers. We are also able to assist companies in the various phases of self-monitoring: from sampling to analysis, to technical advice on reducing exposure to chemical agents.

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