AngiologyDr. P. Benetti

Angiology is the branch of medicine that studies the anatomy and pathologies that affect blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. The word comes from the Greek angios (“vessel”) and logos (“study”).

The tasks of the angiologist
The task of the angiologist, therefore, consists mainly in recognizing cardiovascular diseases in the most appropriate way and in recommending the best treatment, whether it is pharmacological or surgical.

When to contact the angiologist
Patients who should first contact an angiologist are those who suffer from diabetes and who require periodic non-invasive vascular checks in the areas of the legs, neck vessels and abdominal aorta. In addition, an angiological consultation is always recommended for people over 50 years of age, who suffer from arterial hypertension and who are at risk of cardiac events. In addition, it is always recommended to book an angiological visit at the onset of the first varices or ulcers, so as to avoid surgery by addressing the underlying problem.

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