PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Introduction to the Analysis of Petroleum Products

The constant and increasing use of petroleum products such as lubricating oils and gas oils and the constant development of the automotive sector over the years has led to the establishment of special regulations for these elements, both in the definition of the chemical and physical characteristics of the virgin product and in the characterisation of spent petroleum products destined for recovery or disposal.

The Stante Chemical Laboratories work daily with operators of waste oil treatment plants within the context of CONOU (Mandatory Consortium of Waste Oils), an organisation that monitors the activities of operators and defines the official methods for the control and analysis of these products.

The reference regulatory framework for the management of waste oils is the former Ministerial Decree 16/05/1996, no. 392. 392.

The Stante Chemical Laboratories carry out daily analyses of PBC, Chlorine, Diluents, Water Content and Metal Content, guaranteeing their customers fast and reliable response times on a daily basis.

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS How to present the sample in the Laboratory

The oil samples should be sampled and delivered to the laboratory in steel containers with a tight-fitting undercap and a steel cap with a Teflon o-ring for sealing.

Each sample delivered to the laboratory must be accompanied by the accompanying document, without which the Laboratory will not proceed with the acceptance of the sample.

This document can be completed at the time of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
However, to speed up the sample acceptance procedure, please download the form by clicking on the button below