ATMOSPHERIC EMISSIONSIntroduction to atmospheric emissions

Emissions into the atmosphere are perhaps one of the most commonly known aspects of environmental pollution. In general, air pollution consists of an alteration in the standard composition of the air with the release into the atmosphere of pollutants, both in the gaseous and particulate state.

Today, any production plant that provides for discharge into the atmosphere must be authorized and monitored constantly (self-monitoring) over time in order to ensure that the envisaged pollution limits are not exceeded.


The analyses carried out on emissions depend on the authorisations issued by the competent bodies as defined in Legislative Decree 152/06. Entities authorising the discharge of emissions evaluate the parameters to be analysed and the maximum acceptable limits based on the processes and installations from which the discharges originate.

The Laboratory defines periodic sampling plans with the Customer, (self-monitoring) to respond to the Customer’s authorisation requirements through the use of state-of-the-art instruments and competent Laboratory personnel attentive to the Customer’s needs.

The Stante Chemical Laboratories offer a highly qualified sampling and analysis service thanks to the use of standardised procedures compliant with the relative regulatory methods. In particular, it operates:

  • in accordance with UNI EN 15259 with regard to the sampling plan and the characterisation of the sampling section;
  • For the determination of the physical conditions of the gaseous effluent, in accordance with UNI EN 16911-1;
  • Thanks to the wind tunnel present at its laboratory in Bologna, it can constantly monitor the performance of its field instrumentation in accordance with UNI EN 16911-1;
  • It operates with modern instrumentation and complies with the regulatory requirements for the determination of oxides in gaseous effluents;
  • Thanks to its extensive instrumental equipment and sampling team, it can intervene flexibly and quickly.

ATMOSPHERIC EMISSIONSHow to present the sample in the Laboratory

The sampling media must be stored in such a way as to ensure the integrity and representativeness of the sampled portion.

Each sample delivered to the laboratory must be accompanied by the accompanying document, without which the Laboratory will not proceed with the acceptance of the sample.

This document can be completed at the time of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
However, to speed up the sample acceptance procedure, please download the form by clicking on the button below