FOOD FOR HUMAN AND ANIMAL USEIntroduction to food for human and animal use

Food hygiene and safety receive particular attention from regulatory and governmental bodies. In fact, food that is not properly preserved or products that are not prepared with the correct hygiene and sterility standards, can become a suitable medium for the growth of bacterial cultures

The high attention to the topic of all stakeholders and the advancement of scientific research constantly poses new challenges and identifies new compounds to be monitored.

The identification of food for human and animal use refers to food for human use in general, supplements, beverages and food for zootechnical use (feed).


The analyses are carried out based on the origin of the food, its type and the places where the products circulate and are regulated by EC Regulation 852/2004 on food hygiene and safety, from which the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) protocol originates.

The main analyses offered are heavy metal analysis and microbiological analysis

Laboratori Chimici Stante srl is registered in the”Regional List of Laboratories that carry out analyses in the context of the self-monitoring procedures of food companies” of the Emilia-Romagna region: P.G.2007/222853 – 04/09/2007 – no. 008/BO/10.

FOOD FOR HUMAN AND ANIMAL USEHow to present the sample in the Laboratory

Contact the Coordinator of the Microbiological Sector.

Each sample delivered to the laboratory must be accompanied by the accompanying document, without which the Laboratory will not proceed with the acceptance of the sample.

This document can be completed at the time of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
However, to speed up the sample acceptance procedure, please download the form by clicking on the button below