GynaecologyDr. M. Calderara

What does a gynaecologist do?

Gynaecologist is the doctor who deals with the various aspects of the health of the female genital sphere, not only the diagnosis and treatment of problems such as menstrual cycle irregularities or vaginal infections, but someone who can also give you suggestions on various aspects of your sexual life such as how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, giving you clear and simple explanations on the various contraceptive methods.

When is a gynaecological examination necessary?

You should definitely go if:

  • You have itching and burning in the area of the vagina and pubis
  • Abundant vaginal discharge with a bad odour, colour and different consistency from usual
  • You have pain in your lower abdomen during menstruation or other days
  • Your menstruation is irregular or heavy
  • You are over 17 years old and have not yet had your first menstruation
  • You have noticed any variations or have disorders of the breast

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