The Stante Chemical Laboratories offer a cutting-edge service thanks tomodern instrumentation in use in its laboratories.

The organization of the spaces was taken care of with particular attention to the location of the various areas of the laboratory, in order to separate each test phase with the aim of minimizing, and where possible eliminating, any risk of cross-contamination in the path of the sample; at the same time, care was taken to reduce the movements of laboratory technicians in the various environments.

Our laboratory is divided into different functional areas such as sample storage areas, pre-preparation areas for crushing, homogenization, drying, a large preparation area and various instrument rooms.

An important part of the activities of our analysis laboratory is determined by the correct methods of preparation and pre-treatment of the sample. In fact, many analytical techniques of determination require a particular preparation of the sample due to its specific nature.

The sample preparative laboratory

Among the best known and frequently used sample preparation and pre-treatment techniques are:

  • crushing of the sample in order to make the solid sample finer and more homogeneous;
  • the homogenization, both of solids and liquids, according to the type of analysis for which the samples are intended;
  • drying of the sample in an oven according to time and temperature conditions that do not interfere with the other pollutants present in the sample;
  • the mineralization of the sample (also called digestion), through different techniques according to specific standards;
  • sample acidification for the stabilization of dissolved metal ions in liquid samples;
  • the extraction of the sample through the use of more or less polar solvents and similar to the analysis of interest or through filtration on adequately activated supports or through the use of microwave systems;
  • the clean-up activity for the purification of samples intended for trace analysis (for example, PCBs and Dioxins)
  • the separation of several phases making up a sample.


The instrumental equipment of our chemical laboratories is one of the factors that distinguishes us from our competitors. The analytical determination of the results is a significant phase of the analytical cycle of each analytical laboratory.

This is why we decided to equip the Stante Chemical Laboratories with a large fleet of cutting-edge technological instruments, which guarantees us the achievement of high determinative sensitivities and faster and more reliable processes than traditional ones by offering the customer accurate and repeatable measurements.

The services of the chemical laboratories

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