PLASTIC MATERIALSIntroduction to Plastics

The purpose of the analysis of plastics is to determine the rheological, chemical, physical and chemical-physical characteristics of the material under analysis in order to determine its quality, with particular reference to recycling and reuse in industry.


The laboratory analysis depends on the type of plastic material and the intended use of the manufacturer. In general, the main regulatory references referred to are the UNI 10667 and UNI 10853 series of standards, which provide the minimum analytical profiles that the manufacturer must carry out for the use of plastic materials.

PLASTIC MATERIALSHow to present the sample in the Laboratory

Generally speaking the methods of presentation of the samples are defined during the contractual phase If you have any doubts, contact the Laboratory for precise instructions.

Each sample delivered to the laboratory must be accompanied by the accompanying document, without which the Laboratory will not proceed with the acceptance of the sample.

This document can be completed at the time of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
However, to speed up the sample acceptance procedure, please download the form by clicking on the button below