The Laboratory is equipped with an external team of qualified samplers specialized in the collection of environmental samples that guarantees the Customer a professional service ensuring competence and technical skills.
The Laboratory provides its samplers with technologically up-to-date tools and instruments that are suitable for the purposes and comply with the regulatory requirements, thanks to a maintenance and periodic update programme for all the equipment.

We are able to carry out sampling of any elements, including:

  • Solid and liquid waste according to the latest regulations in force (UNI 10802)
  • Air emissions
  • Soil and subsoil, raw materials for mixing
  • Drinking water, wastewater and sewage, groundwater and aquifers, process and sewage water, surface water, including continuous sampling over long periods (average sampling)
  • Work environments
  • Air quality
  • Sampling for HACCP
  • Sampling in clean rooms
  • Sampling for microbiological tests

The Stante Chemical Laboratories are able to offer many of the sampling activities under ACCREDIA accreditation. To check which ones, you can consult our accredited tests list on the Quality and certifications page.

The first stage of the analytical process

Aware of the importance of the sampling activity, we consider sampling as the first phase of the analytical process; that is why our laboratory ensures the maximum accuracy and quality of its activities through the constant implementation of the set of instruments dedicated to sampling.

The various equipment and instrumentation includes the following:

  • Automatic water samplers for composite average sampling over time intervals defined in the sampling plan
  • The immersion pump for collecting water samples from wells or piezometers
  • High and low flow immersion pumps for sampling in working environments
  • High flow pumps for gaseous emissions sampling
  • Probes for sampling PM10 in gaseous emissions
  • Probes for sampling PAHs in gaseous emissions and external environments
  • Automatic control units for sampling PM10, PM 2.5 and PTS
  • Sampling equipment for work, outdoor, indoor and microclimate environments
  • Mobile laboratory equipped for sampling