Stante Clinical Laboratories

Clinical analysis laboratories for individuals and companies in Bologna.

We have been involved in clinical analysis for over twenty years, offering the professionalism and experience of our medical team and the daily commitment of our technical and administrative staff to offer you a quality service.

The Laboratory carries out Covid-19 Tests:

  • Serological Quantitative (IgG/IgM)
  • Serological post vaccine (Ab-Anti Spike, Ab-Neutralizing)
  • Antigenic ( Ag) and Molecular (PCR) swabs
Our swabs generate the

Remember that the testing point in
Via Berretta Rossa is also openon SATURDAY MORNING
please make an appointment
051 381571
Discover the analytical profiles valid in the offices of;
Via Berretta Rossa 51/a e Via Zanardi 6

Zanardi Medical Diagnostic Centre

Our specialist clinic in Bologna is located in Via Zanardi and is open all day. Specialist services on reservation include Allergology, Cardiology, Surgery, Ultrasound and Ecodoppler and much more….

Discover all the services of our clinic.

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