Microbiological analysis and bacterial presence investigation

MICROBIOLOGICAL ANALYSISIntroduction to microbiological analysis

The microbiological analysis commonly performed on aqueous, food and beverage matrices is aimed at investigating the presence of possible bacterial species which are indicative of pollution and carriers of medical problems if ingested by humans.

The most requested analyses

The most requested analyzes depend on the reference matrix: there are the microbiological parameters for potability, the determination of E. Coli in waste water, Legionella in condensate water and many other parameters in relation to the origin and type of the sample.

Standard references

  • Legislative Decree 3 April 2006, n. 152 “Environmental regulations”
  • Legislative Decree 2 February 2001, n. 31 “Implementation of Directive 98/83 / EC relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption”

Main analytical profiles

Each analytical profile is defined on the basis of the origin and matrix of the sample and is defined directly between the Customer and the Laboratory. Further confirmation parameters can be made later.
For the classic parameters of water analysis, see the Water section.

Request for analysis offer / analysis execution

Requests for offers, analyzes and sampling plans can be made either by e-mail, by telephone or by fax. All written requests (e-mail and fax) must contain the following data: name and surname, company of reference and subject of your request.

REQUEST BY PHONE+39 051 384086

REQUEST VIA FAX+30 051 384088

How to present the sample in the Laboratory

Samples intended for microbiological analysis should be taken and stored in sterile containers and kept in the refrigerator (< 4°C) until delivery to the laboratory. For further information contact the Coordinator of the Microbiological Sector.

Each sample delivered to the laboratory must be accompanied by the accompanying document, without which the Laboratory will not proceed with the acceptance of the sample.

This document can be completed at the time of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
However, to speed up the sample acceptance procedure, please download the form by clicking on the button below


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